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CSMB Compliance Pocket Handbooks
The CSMB knowledge base features a series of white papers, and other publications, which provide valuable insights on how to manage risk, best practices concerning the identification of ultimate beneficial ownership, insights on virtual currencies, and understanding new payment methods, among other topics. The most recent publications can be found below.

RBA Compliance Pocket Handbook

With the need to understand and apply, in a simplified fashion, an effective risk based approach to anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing (AML/CFT), CSMB has created a three part Compliance Handbook dedicated to the “Risk-Based Approach to AML/CFT Compliance” that can be used both as the road map to building a robust AML/CFT Program and a test to ensure that your organization has considered all the critical processes that lead to a strong and effective program.

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Learn about the implementation of a risk based compliance program

Manual de Bolsillo de Cumplimiento EBR

Ante la necesidad de entender y aplicar, de forma simplificada, un efectivo enfoque basado en riesgos (EBR) para combatir el lavado de dinero y el financiamiento del terrorismo (ALA/CFT), CSMB ha preparado un Manual de Cumplimiento compuesto de tres capítulos dedicado al “Enfoque Basado en Riesgos para el Cumplimiento ALA/CFT” que puede utilizarse como guía para elaborar un Programa ALA/CFT y para comprobar si su organización ha considerado todos los procesos críticos para lograr un programa sólido y efectivo.