Rodrigo Moran, CPA

Rodrigo Moran, CPA
Rodrigo Moran, CPA

Vice President and Senior Consultant

Mr. Rodrigo Moran, CPA brings over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry to his present role as Vice President and Senior Consultant of CSMB, (Panamá) S.A.

Mr. Moran’s broad experience in the financial sector ranges from operating roles in financial institutions, restructuring and liquidation, micro lending and deep expertise in auditing and advisory services aimed at detecting money laundering and terrorist financing activities.  Currently Mr. Moran serves as President of the Commission on National Issues for the Association of Accountants in Panama (ACONTAP).

In 2014 Mr. Moran participated in the development and implementation of the Supervisory Manual for Risk Management for the Institute of Autonomous Cooperatives (Instituto Panameño Autónomo  de Cooperativas – IPACOOP).

Prior to joining CSMB (Panamá), S.A., Mr. Morán worked for the Superintendent of Banks in Panama coordinating the Special Supervisory Group, he also served as Group Manager for 15 years and Program Manager for the Special Compensation Fund for Interest Rates and as a back- up member for the Fiduciary Consultancy established by the National Banking Commission (Comisión Bancaria Nacional, IPACOOP y B.D.A).  In addition Mr. Moran was a representative of for the Superintendent of Banks National Center of Competitiveness (Centro Nacional de Competitividad, CNC).

Mr. Moran has been an active participant in the leading accounting industry professional organizations and he has provided leadership on a variety of projects and legal issues related to the profession.

Mr. Moran holds a degree in Commercial Sector Accounting from the National University of Panama, a Master’s Degree in Accounting also from the National University of Panama and a Master’s Degree in Financing of Cooperatives (Micro Lending) from the Interamerican University of Panama.