Miguel Yépez, AMLCA

Miguel Yépez,  Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant

Eng. Miguel Yépez Cervantes is a Senior Consultant and representative of the consulting firm CSMB in Guayaquil, Ecuador since 2009, performing multiple tasks related to the issue of due diligence in preventing money-laundering and against the financing of terrorism. Prior to joining CSMB, Mr. Yepez focused his career, primarily, in the banking and financial industry for over 20 years. He has worked for financial institutions such as Banco de Descuentos of the City of Guayaquil, Bank of America, Insurance advisers of Guayaquil, Banco de Préstamos in Ecuador and in Panamá, and OMG Seguros. Among the positions he held in these institutions, Mr. Yepez has performed functions such as Operations Supervisor, Chief of Operations, Chief of Accounts, Credit Manager, Business Manager, and Manager in Panama (1994-1998). He also participated in internships at Banco do Brazil and TowerBank, both located in the city of Panama.

In the civil service, he served as General Counsel of the FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) of Ecuador. In addition, he has exercised functions as University Professor in the business college of the Universidad Laica Vicente Rocafuerte de Guayaquil, and he also worked as a business and export consultant for companies in Ecuador and Panama, such as Multilock, Cabinet Center, Frenopreciso, and Metrosistemas, among others.

Miguel, is a commercial engineer; he graduated from the University Laica “Vicente Rocafuerte” of Guayaquil, where he received a Business Degree. Furthermore, he has studied several courses related with computer engineering in the Universidad de Santa Maria, and Marketing in the Universidad Latina. Both centers are located in the city of Panama. Moreover, he earned the prestigious certification of AMLCA to combat money laundering, issued by FIBA (Florida Bankers Association) and FIU (Florida International University). He has met the requirements through courses and seminars about the analysis and interpretation of financial statements, cash, bank accounts, customer service, finance, human resources, sales, general insurance, electronic fraud, macroeconomics, and design and interpretation of risk matrixes for prevention of money laundering.