Julio C. Aguirre, CPAML

Julio C. Aguirre, CPAML – SVP and President of  CSMB (Panama), S.A.
Julio C. Aguirre

SVP and President
(Panama), S.A.

Mr. Julio Aguirre has responsibility for leading the firm’s expansion efforts in the Latin American region. Mr. Aguirre brings his 27 years of banking experience to help grow CSMB throughout the Latin American region by expanding CSMB’s core business practice in the private and public sectors. Mr. Aguirre has spent most of his career dealing with risk management and banking matters, and his knowledge in AML allows him to manage the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, worldwide.


Prior to joining CSMB, Mr. Aguirre served as Senior Vice President and Head of Compliance for Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior (Bladex) for over 11 years, and as Senior Vice President and Finance Manager, at Banco Internacional de Panama (Bipan), where he was responsible for all matters ranging from Operations to Compliance for the bank and its subsidiaries over a period of 16 years.

Mr. Aguirre is a member and First Vice-President of the Money Laundering Prevention Committee of FELABAN. He holds the chairmanship of the Compliance Officers’ Committee of the Panama Banking Association, he is the President of the Organizing Committee of the Hemispheric Congress for the Money Laundering Prevention of the Panama Banking Association, and he is member of the Special AML and Crime Finance Committee of ACAMS Group for Latin America.

He has participated as member of the “US-LA PSD Steering Group meeting”, and he has participated as international speaker in Money Laundering Prevention and Terrorist Financing Congresses in LatAm, US and the Caribbean.

Mr. Aguirre holds an MBA in Business Administration from Latina University in Panama, a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Panama University, and is ACAMS and CPAML certified.

Mr. Aguirre is fluent in Spanish and English.