José David Rodríguez, AMLCA

José David Rodríguez, Executive Manager & Senior Consultant

Executive Manager & Senior Consultant

Jose David Rodríguez, Executive Manager & Senior Consultant, is an attorney with expertise in compliance and legal services in the banking and corporate sectors.

Prior to joining CSMB, Mr. Rodriguez served as Compliance Officer with Finantia Bank and Compliance Officer and Legal Trust Officer at Citco Fund Services. In these roles Mr. Rodriguez managed the AML/KYC and Due Diligence process, conducted case investigations, prepared regulatory filings and screened beneficial owners. The investigations of beneficial owners included analysis of parent companies, multilayer corporate and off-shore structures and special purpose vehicles (SPV).Mr. Rodríguez legal experience spans also served as Corporate Legal Counsel for Ferrovial S.A., Group Auchan, Grupo Gransolar,S.L. and as an attorney at PwC, “PriceWaterhouseCoopers”. While at PwC, Mr. Rodriguez prepared regulatory requirements for Banco de España and the European Central Bank.  In these roles Mr. Rodríguez drafted contracts, established corporate entities and provided legal counsel to firm clients.

Jose has his legal degree from the University of Oviedo, Spain , a LLM from the IE Business School of Madrid and postgraduate studies in International Business Management from the University of Miami.
d Spanish. Furthermore, he is certified as an Anti-Money Laundering Certified Associate (AMLCA) by the Florida International Bankers Association and from the Florida International University (FIU).

Mr. José David Rodríguez is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.