Celeste De Armas, AMLCA

Celeste De Armas, Principal
Celeste De Armas, Principal



celeste de Armas is a senior executive with experience consulting in the financial services sector as well as working within large multinational corporations and early stage companies.  Ms. De Armas’ experience spans C-level operating roles across a diverse range of industries from financial services, to food & beverage, advertising, Internet, and strategic and organizational consulting.

Ms. De Armas has been involved with CSMB since 2010 as Principal and Executive Level Senior Consultant.  Ms. De Armas leads CSMB’s project management and project oversight activities, strategic planning and the firm’s international growth initiatives.  Ms. De Armas has developed specialized expertise in AML/CFT within the banking and money service sectors.  Additionally, Ms. De Armas’ practice focuses on preparing foreign companies for investment by U.S. firms ensuring readiness for the due diligence process and assisting firms in strengthening their operations to improve their valuation and attractiveness to potential acquirers.

Ms. De Armas held senior roles at Nestle S.A. a $98 Billion Swiss based corporation and the world’s largest food company.  In her last role with Nestlé, Ms. De Armas was President of the Chilled Foods Business unit, a division with over $500 Million in annual revenue and 500+ employees.  Prior to her role as President of the Chilled Foods Business Unit, Ms. De Armas was Vice President of Strategic Planning for Nestle USA.  Ms. De Armas held various positions in marketing at Nestlé and at General Mills where she started her career.

Ms. De Armas has an MBA from the Indiana University Kelly School of Business.

Ms. De Armas Celeste de Armas is fully bilingual in English and Spanish